Client Testimonials


We believe that former clients provide the best window into the services we provide. They have worked closely with us on some of the most important legal disputes they have ever encountered. Below we present some testimonials from clients who have used us in the past.

More than three years ago I started on a horrible journey of a painful and nightmarish divorce. From my first consultation with Cliff I was given hope and comfort. Over these past years I have truly felt that Cliff and his staff have been by my side, fighting this battle with me and for me. Cliff has an incredible team working for him, which in turn has been working for me. They are professional, compassionate, highly educated and go over and beyond to help you. . . It is because of Cliff that I am emerging from this divorce with a favorable outcome and an excitement for my future. There is no lawyer out there that will fight harder for you.


Ryan was hired to handle a very difficult divorce including challenging child custody issues. Ryan was patient while persistent and handled my case in an extremely professional manner with positive results. I highly recommend Ryan to any and all family and friends.

Karen Highly Recommend

I had just went through the worst thing that could have ever happened to me, my wife wanted a divorce. Michael Walter Meyers was a God send. He was compassionate, caring, and professional, he made me laugh at a time when I just wanted to cry. He was on time with everything he said he would do and he got me a fair settlement. He did not allow me to make emotional choices that would affect me for the rest of my life. I am glad that Mr Meyers was my lawyer, I had interviewed two lawyers before I met Michael they were horrible!!! I am so glad I chose Mr Meyers as my Lawyer.

Duane Unexpected life experience!

My initial consultation was with Clifford Petroske in March 2015 and he told me to not give up, so I didn’t. Clifford Petroske, Mike Meyers and their wonderful team helped me settle my “after divorce” family court custody case which involved custody of two children. EX was extremely spiteful, lied and did everything to try to make my life miserable. This included using unethical tactics to try to make me give up and constantly dragging the case on and on. I never allowed myself to give up and this law firm gave me the confidence to be strong in pursuing what was in the best interest for the children. This law firm helped change my life and the children’s lives for the better.


Debra Welsh was hired to work on my brother's behalf on his divorce case. She was amazing. And by that, I mean she was super conscientious, responded to emails and phone calls promptly (usually within 1 or 2 hours), and was extremely knowledgeable! She walked us through each step and let us know what to expect next. She was patient and most accommodating. The case is almost finalized and she's done an outstanding job from day one!!

Joseph True Professional

I can't thank Katelyn enough for working with me during my divorce. She was professional and very understanding through the whole process. The office staff was always knowledgeable and were always there to answer any questions regarding my case. I will always be grateful to Katelyn for her hard work and dedication. I was satisfied and I will high recommend Katelyn and the firm.

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