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Danielle N. Murray Promoted to Partner

Petroske Riezenman & Meyers, PC is pleased to announce that Danielle N. Murray, associate attorney with the firm since 2018, has been promoted to partner.  The legal acumen, strength of character, and commitment to the firm and its clients demonstrated by Ms....

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Can I Get Divorced with New York on PAUSE?

It may be obvious that many New Yorkers stuck in difficult marriages will want to file for divorce once the Governor’s PAUSE order is lifted. After all, what could be worse than complete confinement with a spouse you can't stand?  Not much– unless you emerge from...

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Orders of Protection During the Coronavirus Crisis

The Governor’s Executive Order shutting non-essential businesses will undoubtedly save many lives, but for those New Yorkers now sheltering at home with an abusive spouse the immediate result is far from safe. Thankfully, help can still be found in the court system....

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