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About New York Custody Rights

Child custody is a serious issue for thousands of Long Island families, and seeking legal help is the only way to ensure that your interests are protected. Do not let the other party take away your parental rights by entering this dispute while legally unrepresented. Our Long Island child custody attorneys take the time to listen to our clients, gather important information that will help a judge’s informed decision making, and advocate passionately on our clients’ behalves.

Resolving Child Custody Disputes In Long Island

Child custody disputes are common, and having an attorney shed light on the qualities of each parent is key to resolving disputes. The only information that the court factors into its decision making regarding child custody is which custody arrangement is in the child’s best interest. Typically, shared custody is preferable in the eyes of the court, as quantity and quality of time with both parents is best for child development, according to Psychology Today. However, shared custody is not how all cases end up.

Custody can be in the following forms:

  • Shared (or joint) legal custody: both parents have legal decision-making capacities and the child usually spends equal time, or close to equal time, with both parents;
  • Sole legal custody: only one parent has the ability to make legal decisions about their child, such as where they live, their education, and medical care;
  • Physical custody: the child lives with the parent who has physical custody;
  • Visitation rights: the noncustodial parent may be able to receive court-ordered visitation rights, which means that they will get to spend time with their child during predetermined dates and times;
  • Split custody: in some very rare instances, if the parents have two or more children, the children may be split up between the parents. This only happens when there is a seriously volatile relationship between the children, and there is evidence that they should not be living together.

What Does ‘In the Best Interest of the Child’ Mean?

The court looks at all of the following criteria when making a child custody decision, according to New York Courts:

  • Which parent has been the main caregiver to date;
  • Parenting skills of each parent;
  • Mental and physical health of each parent;
  • Work schedules of each parent;
  • Child’s preference if they are old enough (at least 12);
  • Child’s relationships with others;
  • Both parents’ abilities to cooperate with each other; and
  • History of domestic violence, drug abuse, or alcohol abuse.

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Custody decisions are not easy for anyone to make, even an experienced judge. However, the more information that the court has to make a decision, the more likely that that decision will be the correct one. We talk with our clients, their friends, neighbors, the children’s teachers, family members, and other people in the community to paint a clear picture for the court: that our client is in the best interest of the child. Call the Long Island law offices of Petroske Riezenman & Meyers, P.C. to speak with a lawyer today.