How Social Media is Contributing to Divorce

August 8, 2018
By Clifford Petroske

While relationships are complex and there is rarely a single reason couples decide to divorce, social media might be contributing to marital stress. As experts are warning, too much social media can create marital strain and disagreements. If your marriage has suddenly become rocky, you should reach out to a Long Island divorce lawyer.

Social Media Use Leads to Arguments

It is easy enough to see why couples would fight over social media posts. For one thing, it is far too easy to connect with long-lost flames, such as an ex-girlfriend or even an ex-spouse. Many times, connecting with people over social media like Facebook or Instagram can lead to jealousy in your partner or even potential infidelity on your part.

Social media also makes it far too easy to complain about the state of your marriage. People often forget that many social media posts are public, and even if you make your profiles private, chances are you have friended your spouse, who can see all your complaints. Remember to use discretion when posting online and never post anything you wouldn’t willingly say to your spouse.

Social Media is Addicting

Instead of spending time with your family, you might be combing through profiles of people you went to high school or college with. In many ways, this is completely natural. Facebook is like a 10-year high school reunion every day of the week. You can spend days and weeks going through the profiles of everyone that you know. Is it really surprising that your spouse will begin to resent never seeing you?

Social Media Makes You Jealous

How likely are you to post a picture of yourself frowning or in tears? Probably less likely than a glamorous selfie or a post about fun vacations, parties, and other special occasions. The fact is that few social media accounts accurately reflect their day-to-day lives, but it can be very easy to assume that they do. Some might start feeling jealous of their friends whose families and marriages seem much more satisfying. As a result, they might begin thinking that there is a problem with their marriage, which can often create discord in a relationship, sometimes severe enough it can lead to divorce. For your own well-being, it is important to remind yourself that everyone has problems, even if they are not posting about them.

Worried about Divorce? Speak to a Long Island Divorce Attorney

Every marriage has its challenges, and now you can add social media use to the mix. At Petroske Riezenman & Meyers, we have helped countless people seek divorce and understand the many complicated reasons people have for calling it quits.

If you see divorce on the horizon, or if you simply want to talk about your options, we can help. One of our Long Island divorce lawyers can meet with you for a free consultation to discuss the divorce process. Contact us today by calling 632-405-4732 or submit an online message.