Law Offices Of Clifford J Petroske Announces Change To Petroske Riezenman Meyers

January 9, 2015
By Clifford Petroske

Clifford Petroske is pleased to announce that the Law Offices of Clifford J. Petroske, P.C., has become Petroske Riezenman & Meyers, P.C.  The change is made in recognition of the contributions of attorneys Ryan A. Riezenman, who has been with the firm since September, 2009, and Michael W. Meyers, who joined the firm in November, 2011.

The legal acumen, strength of character, and commitment to the firm and its clients demonstrated by Mr. Riezenman and Mr. Meyers during their years as associate attorneys are commendable.  Mr. Petroske and the entire staff congratulate Ryan and Michael on this well-deserved accomplishment.