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I met with Mr. Meyers when I had to appear in Family Court after a very difficult and extensive divorce case that ended in Supreme Court a year before. After I received my Judgment of Divorce, my ex still did not comply with court orders, thereby I was receiving child support sporadically and no other support for child care while working. This was leaving me in an extremely financially-stressful situation, not being able to support my children in a consistent manner. I contacted the firm, Clifford J. Petroske, from their website. During my first initial appointment, I was introduced to Mr. Michael Meyers. From the beginning, Michael was the first attorney that I met with who did not make me feel that issues of great concern to me were not important issues to be discussed and dealt with. He actually listened to what I had to say, he was compassionate about the matters at hand, yet very knowledgeable about the language of the law which he explained very clearly and efficiently. I felt confident that if anything could be accomplished positively in my case and move forward, he would do his best trying. His trustworthiness and honesty was something that came through, which is not always the case with other attorneys. This gave me peace of mind. We had several court appearances together and through it all his professionalism and guidance stayed steadfast and reliable. He doesn’t make empty promises, yet he is dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible outcome. Going through a divorce, especially with an ex spouse who is not cooperative in any way, is emotionally, mentally and financially draining. It is a time when you are most vulnerable. Having an attorney that you feel comfortable with, knowing that he is watching out for your best interests is priceless. I would highly recommend Mr. Meyers to anyone without a moments hesitation, knowing I am putting them in the right hands. Mr. Meyers is an asset to his firm and to his clients that he represents. — Susanne