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I met Cliff Petroske in mid 2017 after ten years of litigation with my ex-wife. When I first spoke with him about my case I immediately sensed he was different from the many attorneys who have represented me in the past. Through working with him and his incredible staff over the past 7 months, it is my sincere belief that he is the embodiment of what a divorce attorney/firm should be. Caring, empathetic, honest about options, intelligent, thorough, experienced; possessing a deep understanding of family law; and more. Though I am still in the process of seeking fair relief for me and my family, I wanted to write this review because I truly know the difference between “bad and good” attorneys, and want to thank him for giving me hope and restoring my faith in the existence of an attorney and staff such as his. I wish I had known about Cliff when my divorce started. Anyone reading this who is looking for a truly good attorney, I would strongly recommend you speak with Cliff.