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It is not an easy task to choose an attorney when there is so many out there. At a time when I was so stressed and confused, I went around kind of interviewing lawyers to see who would be the most knowledgeable and who I felt most comfortable with. Cliff stood out for me and I hired him for my simple requests for more aid for my son concerning child support and his education. I was under the impression of my own that it would be a simple process. Unfortunately, my ex husband hired the lawyer from hell, and dragged out my lawsuit with anything and everything they could think of. During this most trying time for me, Cliff and Ann were always there for me, answering my endless questions, reassuring me, and explaining what was happening at every step.Through everything that went on, I saw more and more how knowledgeable and experienced they really were.They knew how to navigate through all the nonsense and legal issues, and made sure they had my best interest at heart, and worked very hard on my behalf. Not realizing how expensive a lawsuit could be, they always tried to keep my bill as reasonable as possible. The results were the best for me given the situation, and I knew I was in good hands. All I can say is that in a sea of lawyers, Cliff and Ann and the entire staff made me feel I made the best possible choice. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is confused as I was and needs help and guidance through their legal issues. THANK YOU CLIFF, ANN, MEGAN, AND THE ENTIRE OFFICE OF CLIFFORD PETROSKE, ESQ. — a child support client