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I write this letter to thank you again for all you have done for me as my attorney. I met you during a time that I’ll always remember to be the worst and most desperate time of my life. Like many clients, I had been going through a divorce and custody battle that had been going on for a year and a half. I had been represented during that time by another attorney whom I was informed a month before my custody trial was about to begin, that he was dismissed from practicing law in New York State. My life was crumbling before me emotionally and financially when it was strongly suggested by another attorney familiar with my case that I contact your office. Little did I know it would be the best worse news that I ever could have received. You are a compassionate, ethical, hard working, fair and honest man who is serious about his work and representing his clients. You confidently took my case assuring me you would be prepared and would proudly represent me as I am a responsible and devoted father to my daughter. I was never more nervous in my life the first day I walked into court and stood before Judge Bivona as I was sworn in to testify my case. I left with a much more comfortable feeling as I realized, during cross examination from my spouse’s attorney, that I was in good hands, better hands. Professional and knowledgeable at all times, you strategically, fearlessly and boldly represented me. Fully prepared for rebuttal and curve balls you consistently were able to support my testimony and quite often out smart your opposing colleague. I knew from that day forward that everything was going to be ok. What the opposition saw as an opportunity to capitalize on my misfortune, they soon realized was going to be a much more daunting task. With such little time to prepare, you clearly surprised everyone in the court room including the Judge and my daughter’s law guardian with your thoroughness, hard nose approach and relentless persistence for an outcome that was best for my daughter to come to fruition. After five days of trial my spouse was advised by her attorney and my daughter’s law guardian that she settles with me for the case did not shine bright in her favor. Even then you weren’t done as you sat with me at the table and negotiated for me a very fair and satisfying agreement that I’m proud resulted in most everything I had been hoping for. At all times I found your entire staff, specifically Jenn Dorn and Stacey Buechmann, to be courteous, knowledgeable, efficient and dedicated professionals. They were familiar with my case, prompt in returning phone calls, and I always got off the phone with reassurance that the job was getting done, which was a pleasant experience as I had not had that with my previous firm. I always felt I was advised properly by you and your team and more importantly knew everyone was listening and understanding me. You and you staff were extremely transparent with expectations and caring about how the situation was affecting me. It was truly an experience you don’t find anywhere else. I will forever be grateful and feel blessed that I met you. —Matt