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I’m 65 years old with a child support payment I can no longer manage. I came to Clifford Petroske’s Law Firm from a Google search with a desire to reduce my monthly child support from $682.00 weekly for my twin 13 year old sons. Clifford and I went to court after meeting once to go over the basics of my case to discuss the supoena from the Mother for my voluntary reductions of payments beginning in January of 2014 to $350.00 from $682.00 knowing she would take me to court for full payment as stipulated by the court in 2007. I endured this very high sum for as long as I could but business had been getting worse since 1999 ,I’m an inventor making my products and selling them to the DIY market in USA and Europe. Clifford and I went to Court and got an adjournment to prepare my defense. Once I completed producing my financials Ryan A. Riezenman took over as my Attorney. We met briefly 3 times and went over the particulars of my situation and my financials. He was very thorough in guiding me from one BRIEF meeting to the next. The last meeting we had was in Riverhead Family Court in front of Judge Wilmot. When I went to Family Court in front of Judge Wilmot in years previous representing myself in a suit and tie I felt I was in a Kangaroo Court where men were lying at the get go, trying to pull the wool over the Judges eyes and steal the food and clothing from their children. With Clifford and Ryan representing me I was now treated more like a Gentleman with a legitimate gripe. At Court ,Ryan who’s demeanor is calm and forthcoming had tried to speak with the mother in the lobby prior to court but she would have none of it. In court the Juge asked if we could resolve this rather than come back for a trial the Mother said she would now hear Ryan out. I was separated from this confab. After a few minutes Ryan came over and asked me if I would accept the amount of $400.00 per week until they reach 18? I said yes based on his Court experiences and we agreed. That was that in very short order. . I liked the way Ryan negotiated with reason not using the threat of a trial. Knowing how difficult she can be this was amazing. From “I have no interest in speaking with you” to “OK I’ll give in to what is fair” I am writing this to give others out there hope that there is a firm with good Attorneys that get results quickly fairly and reasonably for both parties. Also I have a Credit Due me from my initial Retainer!!! Thank you Ryan Riezenman and thank you Clifford Petroske.