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There simply are not words strong enough to describe how highly I recommend Mr. Meyers as an attorney. Faced with a complicated divorce case and an ex-husband who was determined to try to manipulate the legal system, I came to Mr. Meyers after having my previous attorney mishandle my case, leaving me facing an uphill battle. Mr. Meyers handled the transition with ease and immediately after meeting with him, I knew I was in good hands. Mr. Meyers is an extremely brilliant attorney who knows the law better than other attorneys practicing twice as long as he has. He is able to break down intricate legal matters into easy-to-understand language, and was always able to put me at ease in the most overwhelming situations. In addition to astutely handling the multifaceted aspects of a complex custody case, Mr. Meyers is quite genuinely the most compassionate, caring attorney you will ever meet. He has guided me through me some incredibly difficult times during my divorce and custody case, and treated me with patience, kindness, and understanding every step of the way. If you hire Mr. Meyers to represent you, I can assure you that you are in the best hands to handle your legal matters. You will never find an attorney with more integrity than Mr. Meyers, nor will you find someone better equipped to handle even the most complicated cases or aggressive opposing attorneys. Thanks to Mr. Meyers, I got the outcome I had hoped for in my case. He believed in me even when there were times that I didn’t believe in myself, and pushed me to get the outcome I deserved. Every day that I look at my daughter as she grows up, I will be forever grateful to Mr. Meyers.