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Due to a mess of an original attorney, 6 years later I was fighting something that should not have happened in the first place. I wasted $20K on a lawyer who promised me the unattainable and then $3500 on one who told me I didn’t have a chance. When I found Cliff I was doubtful that anyone in this field was legit. Not only was Cliff legit, he was awesome . He basically did more for me in 3 weeks, then the other lawyers did in 3 years. He didn’t allow papers to sit in front of a judge or the opposing council to bully me. He didn’t waste my money or time by promising something that would never occur, he was knowledgeable, expereinced, honest, respectful, patient and cooperative….at court he was cool, calm and collective. He was aggressive enough to make to make his point, but not cocky where he screwed my chances. I have never written a review in my entire life, however I feel this man deserves the respect to put one out. —Nick