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Danger Of The DIY Divorce Agreement

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An all-too-common scenario involves the separating couple who prepare their own settlement agreement which contractually resolves all of their issues – everything from custody and support, to property and debt division —  only to find out months or possibly years down the road that their agreement is defective and unenforceable….

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In Rare Decision Judge Allows Access To Raw Data Behind Forensic Report In Custody Case

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It is no secret that the Courts are overburdened with litigation.  With matrimonial trials sometimes lasting weeks, courtroom time is at a premium.   Wishing to reduce both the congestion and the cost of litigation, judges will commonly appoint “neutral” experts, instead of each party hiring his/her own partisan expert.  By…

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Gray Divorce On The Rise

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Along with the national debt, global warming, and other harbingers of doom, we have come to expect that the divorce rate will simply continue to rise.  Many of society’s ills will, no doubt, continue to increase unabated, but divorce may not be one of them.  At least not for those…

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